*I'm running FreeRadius with the standard Ubuntu Breezy package that 
reads as freeradius 1.0.4-2. Its been the connection to the LDAP backend 
for authentication on an old Cisco 3640 with IOS 12.2(23) for quite a 

I'm trying to setup a new 2811 router with IOS 12.4(11)T1 and am running 
into a little trouble with repeating the same configuration.

The setup works fine if I use a password like "testing123" on both ends. 
But when I use "radius-server key 7" to encrypt it breaks.  The current 
setup does use this so I know it works. But in all the documentation 
I've been weeding** through** on configuring clients.conf nothing seems 
to mention how this kind of encryption works on the Free Radius server end.

The router insists on extremely long key for this configuration. The 
3640 shows one in the config. But client.conf show a much shorter one.

When I try to plug the long one in clients.conf freeradius fails to startup.

So how do you configure freeradius for a Cisco hidden password?


John Baker
Network Systems Administrator
Marlboro College
Phone: 451-7551 off campus; 551 on campus 

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