Dear List-Members,

I’m trying to setup a port access control using freeradius, but I can’t succeed 
so far. I’m looking for a solution fitting the following points: Port 
authentication trough an hp switch, dynamic vlan assignment by the freeradius 
server. I solved the problem for clients that have a local account. The 
freeradius deals with peap + mschapv2 and the passwords are located in the 
users file. Later the smbpasswd file should be used. The Switch is configured 
for port-access-authentication and the ports are closed until the supplicant 
has authenticated correctly. The winxpsp2 clients are configured to use their 
login names and password for authentication.

Now the Problem: Some workstations are added to a samba managed domain and can 
only login on the samba service. 
It seems to me, that the winxpsp2 supplicant first wants to authenticate at the 
samba server. But the switch doesn’t allow the connection, because the port is 
closed until the eap-authentication is handled.

I really hope that you can give me a hint.

Regards - Christian

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