On Tue 10 Apr 2007, Mike McCauley wrote:
> Hi all,
> Open System Consultants (OSC) has established a free resource for the
> RADIUS user community to collect and share information about configuring
> and implementing RADIUS protocol devices and software.
> RadiusExpert:Community Portal at
> http://www.open.com.au/wiki/index.php/Main_Page will become the repository
> for all the information that often resides only in the heads of system
> administrators who manage and maintain the security access and
> authentication requirements of their networks.
> We welcome contributions about such topics as configuring various RADIUS
> devices, load balancing with RADIUS servers and wireless authentication
> tips from our very active user community.
> If you can contribute any information on any RADIUS topic to the benefit
> of the entire community, please feel free.
> This is not a trawl for customers by OSC, but a genuine attempt to assist
> everyone in the RADIUS community. The wiki is vendor-neutral and covers
> all free and commercial RADIUS servers and compatible devices.
> This message was posted with the assent of Alan DeKok

Hi Mike

Welcome to the FreeRADIUS community. Many of us here have bought, sold, used, 
and continue to use Radiator and we appreciate OSC's contribution to the 
RADIUS world. We also recognise the lack of comprehensive documentation 
about RADIUS, which is one of the reasons we started the FreeRADIUS Wiki mid 
last year at: 

I have taken a quick look at:

It is pretty sparse at present and doesn't mention FreeRADIUS Server or 
Client at all (Before posting to our list, it would be nice if you would 
consider listing us as a member of the RADIUS comunity on the wiki you are 
asking us to contribute to :-)

I also wanted to confirm one thing before contributing. You list at the 
bottom of your wiki that "Content is available under GNU Free Documentation 
License 1.2.". As this is the default theme and footer for mediawiki, could 
you please confirm that this is actually the license you intended the wiki 
content to be under? (This would allow us to share content if we were to 
license under the same license..)

Best Regards


Peter Nixon
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