Jacob Jarick wrote:
> Hi I have recently setup freeradius on fedora 6 and I need it to
> authenticate against windows ADS. Currently the requests come through
> the AP but are rejected by freeradius.

  The reason is in the logs.

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] raddb]# radtest Administrator tfxsol 10 
> testing123
> Sending Access-Request of id 40 to port 1812
>         User-Name = "Administrator"
>         User-Password = "tfxsol"
>         NAS-IP-Address =
>         NAS-Port = 10
> rad_recv: Access-Reject packet from host, id=40, length=20

  Unfortunately, you've showed radtest giving a reject, but have NOT
shown the corresponding debugging output from radtest.  Instead, the
debugging output is from a login via the AP:
> rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host, id=117, length=164
>         User-Name = "TFXSCHOOL\\Administrator"

  Which is not the "radtest" packet you quoted above.

> rlm_eap: Identity does not match User-Name, setting from EAP Identity.
>   rlm_eap: Failed in handler

  Read "eap.conf".  Also, see which module is mangling the User-Name

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