You could use the same ip pool across two NAS servers if you were only using
one radius server to assign IPs. I recommend you either make one radius
server handle only one NAS, so the ip pools don't collide, or used
rlm_sqlipool across them both as Peter pointed out.


On 12/04/07, Peter Nixon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Wed 11 Apr 2007, ann kok wrote:
> Hi all
> I am using two radius servers for our DSL clients.
> but our client has ip conflict issue.
> it looks like the first radius issues the ip to the A
> DSL client. but seondary radius doesn't know this ip
> already allocated and issue this ip to B DSL client.
> Then two clients have the same ip address and cause
> the ip conflict.
> How can we avoid this problem?

Any of the following:
* Don't use the same pool range on 2 servers (What made you think that
would work?)
* Use a share storage backend (sqlippool with shared database)


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