I have followed all your steps on how to get freeradius to work with AD, but
still no luck.

How do I go about getting assistance with my configuration?


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Prateek Gupta wrote:
>>>Can you point to a specification saying how this hashing works?
> A---------->B(nsis server)--------->C(radius server)
> User A generates a large buffer which contains various Authentication
> Attributes, A hash of this string is generated using MD5 algorithm with
> a key known to both users A and C, This string is appended to the
> original string and sent over the network, Node B get this string and it
> extract various session attributes from this string.

That's not a particularly clear explanation, and not a pointer to a

> The attributes extracted should be used to construct the diameter
> message using freeradius client library.

FreeRADIUS doesn't implement diameter messages.

If you need Diameter, see OpenDiameter.org.

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