> Hi,
>> * debian:
>> building worked just out of the box, but when trying to install
>> "freeradius-dialupadmin_1.1.6-0_all.deb" it complains about missing
>> php4, but actually php5 is installed (and should work as earlier
>> version of dialupadmin did). the rest of it (i tested right now sql,
>> ldap and eap) works perfect!
> hmmm, is it PHP5 that should be dependancy on debian now?  Etch was released
> last week so part of my thinks so....
i am not sure, debian etch (released on 8. april) contains both php4  
and php5 and i think there might be a lof users/admins which still  
use/prefer php4 on their systems. so what about something like

Package: freeradius-dialupadmin
Architecture: all
Depends: php4 | php4-cgi | php5 | php5-cgi
Recommends: ${perl:Depends}
Suggests: apache2-mpm-prefork | httpd, php4-mysql | php4-pgsql |  
php5-mysql | php5-pgsql, libdate-manip-perl
Description: set of PHP scripts for administering a FreeRADIUS server
  These scripts provide a web-based interface for administering a FreeRADIUS
  server which stores authentication information in either SQL or LDAP.

in the debian control file? i don't know if this could lead to  
something weired, e.g. php5 with php4-mysql or something else but the  
average admin should be able to avoid this. at least it works here for  
me ... (well the pages are displayed correctly in a browser, i can not  
test more as i am using ldap as backend here)


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