On Thursday 12 April 2007 10:32:18 Kevin Bonner wrote:
> On Thursday 12 April 2007 04:40:47 Milan Holub wrote:
> > Radius itself seems to react on radius packets; only snmp is ignored
> > after the snmp-write query. Completely same behaviour is observed when
> > doing reload via HUP signal(using my "memory leakage" patch for reload).
> >
> > Please advise.
> Try http://bugs.freeradius.org/show_bug.cgi?id=150
> I doubt that patch will still apply cleanly due to the many recent changes.
> I'll see if I can test the CVS head later today and submit a newer patch.

It surprises me that it still applies cleanly (just offset) with the current 
CVS head.  Feel free to test the patch and report results in the bug or on 
the list.  It would be nice to see the bug squashed, but it's become a 
default patch for my local freeradius build so I haven't been bothered with 
the issue in a long time.

Kevin Bonner

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