Thanks so much for your advice mate. I got it going finally !

For people out there looking todo a similar setup here is my short mini howto:

1 Install Kerberos
2 Install OpenSSL
3 Install Samba
4 Follow the FreeRadius Tutorial for AD intergration:
5: Follow this guide, particulary the part about "Configuring
FreeRADIUS to use ntlm_auth"

On 4/13/07, Alan DeKok <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jacob Jarick wrote:
> > How do I configure the users file to authenticate against the AD, the
> > howto I followed says u do not need to configure the users file.
>   If you're using PEAP, yes.  If you're just using PAP, you need to tell
> the server what to do.
> > I read the users.txt man page but it wasnt any help.
> >
> > My krb5.conf is properly configured, running ntlm_auth from the
> > command line works perfectly.
>   So... when I said you need to run ntlm_auth, and you could use the
> "exec" module to do that, what conclusion did you reach?
>   Or, you can replace the reference to "System" in the "users" file with
> "Kerberos".  But be sure you've told FreeRADIUS to use the kerberos module.
>   Alan DeKok.
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