Trying to use Client-Ip-Address is huntgroups and hints doesn't seem to 
if this because the Client-Ip-Address is written to the request packet 
at the end of pre-process
and not the beginning ? Or is there more strangeness afoot ?

Also my understanding of huntgroups is that when you check if 
'Huntgroup-Name' matches a value
, free radius will go away and look at the huntgroups and determine if 
the one your trying to match
against is valid for the request.

Following this logic, you should be able to declare multiple Huntgroups 
with NAS-Ip-Address = * ANY
and different criteria.
But it seems you can't .... as when you do ... something weird happens 
in pre-process and the user is rejected.

Also with hints, I can see them being very useful .... but there's no 
fall-through ??! Arg...

So the only way to use multiple hunt group entries, is with multiple 
instances of pre-process, which isn't a particularly neat

Sorry making one desperate last ditch attempt to get everything working 
without perl .... perl seems like cheating, plus nasty performance hit.

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