Stefan Winter wrote:
> User-Password := something   => Cleartext-Password := something
> Crypt-Password := unixcrypt => Crypt-Password := unixcrypt


> Crypt-Password := $1$somethingveryweird => SMD5-Password := somethingveryweird
> (stripping the header, and $1$ meands MD5 with 12-character salt, right?)

  If you want.  I don't think it's necessary, though.

> Crypt-Password := $2a$somethingveryweirdandevenlonger => ????-Password := 
> somethingveryweirdandevenlonger
> (no clue here... read that $2a$ is a Blowfish crypt, but there is no 
> Blowfish-Password attribute, but apparently right now with 1.1.3 it works 
> anyway?)

  Because the "crypt" support on your system interprets it, and Does The
Right Thing.

  If the crypt function on your system *didn't* support SMD5 passwords,
you would have to make FreeRADIUS know about SMD5.  As it is, I'll bet
if you just leave all of the Crypt-Password entries alone, they should
all work.

  Alan DeKok.
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