Rick Macdougall wrote:
> It is updating/inserting records into the mysql radacct database but it
> seems that an ACK is not sent back to the remote server and the thread
> is not released.  A minute later the remote server tries again, etc etc
> until the threds max out at 32.

  That says that the inserts are *not* succeeding.  i.e. they start, but
they never stop.  This means that the threads handling the requests are
blocked, that they never respond to the client, and that new threads get
created for new requests until the maximum gets reached.

  The problem may be that the MySQL libraries are built without
threading support, or that they somehow don't work from multiple threads.

  I would say run it in non-threaded mode (-s) until the problem can be
tracked down and fixed.

  Alan DeKok.
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