Radclient works fine with almost every except when you use the -c flag 
to specify that multiple copies of the same packet are sent.


./radclient -c 10 -x -f user radius1.susx.ac.uk auth xxxxxxx
Sending Access-Request of id 205 to port 1812
         User-Name = "ac221"
         User-Password = "xxxx"
rad_recv: Access-Accept packet from host port 1812, 
id=205, length=20
radclient.c:492: failed assertion `radclient->reply == NULL'

Was looking forward to doing some crude benchmarking :(

Apart from that all seems well and good. Haven't noticed radiusd dieing 
at random intervals or any other weirdness.

Back ticks work for sql xlat like you said, and there is indeed a 
reference in the attributes documentation. :)

Just acquired a copy of THE C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Second edition, which 
I am assured is the best book for learning C. So you might actually see
bug fixes some time soon instead of just bug reports ;)

Arran Cudbard-Bell ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Authentication Authorisation & Accounting Officer
Infrastructure Services | ENG1 FF08
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