Alan DeKok schrieb:
Alexander Papenburg wrote:
iam just wondering if there are any "size" limitations on the
clients.conf file.

  How much memory do you have?  That's the limit.

Background is:
The current file consist of many /24 net-ranges and is currently 22k big ;)
For the past days I recognised some strange activities but unfortunately only saw the
following in the log:
Auth: Login incorrect (Home Server says so): [aaliyah] (from client INET-X.X.X.X/16 port 2 cli A.B.C.D)

Obviously A.B.C.D tries a Word-List-Attack on one device in the range but I can't figure out on which one without going into debugging mode. So I hacked a quick and dirty perl script which generate a clients.conf
with single ip's which is about 17M big  ^^

  Why not just run 'radnsiff'?

  Alan DeKok.
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Alan are you held hostage somewhere? By some evil mad man? Or have you written a ingenious mail-robot-script
which replies on all the email sent to the list 24/7?

Just kidding ;)

radsniff is a good hint, I will give it a try.

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