Greetings to all in the list.

I'd like to report an issue in the build scripts of freeradius. I
tried to build version 1.1.6 but the problem exists in earlier
versions too. 

If I do 

./configure --prefix=/opt/freeradius

the build scripts presume that --enable-developer is true. This has
the effect that -DNDEBUG is not defined in CFLAGS during compilation,
among other things, so the rad_assert() function can abort freeradius
operation in production environments.

I believe that by default, --enable-developer should be false unless
explicitly set during configure. Moreover, in a Solaris 9 environment
--enable-developer or --disable-developer seem to be ignored and
someone should define CFLAGS explicitly in the configure command to
define -NDEBUG macro.

Let me know if you need anything else to trace the issue.

Kostas Zorbadelos 
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