Ok, I have read them all - the wiki's the unrelated novell howtos for
edirectory bought a Oriellys book on ldap (their FR + LDAP howto is
incorrect apparently) and googled countless times.

The articles on http://wiki.freeradius.org/LDAP arent much help they
just re-itterate whats in the config files and rlm_ldap doesnt seem to
mention setting the users file.


The above article instructs you to set Auth-Type =: LDAP which is
wrong I have been told by alan (but what is correct then ?).

I am about to start from fresh again just to make sure its not config
setting I have changed and forgot to fix.

But I would appreciate any good howtos others may have found and of
course any answers / information you guys can provide.

Thanks again.
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