That's good to know. What seems odd, though, is that it resends the same
request in quick, sub-second succession (based on the RADIUS server logs).
This case has a single RADIUS server at a single IP and a single secret that
works when the correct password is sent (and only 1 log entry), but a wrong
entry is 3 failures.

On 4/24/07, Alan DeKok <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

J S wrote:
>  I'm running pam_radius 1.3.16 on Solaris 10 using a Cisco ACS backend
> that authenticates to an MS AD server.
> I'm running into an issue where a user will fail a single login attempt
> (one username/password challenge with a bad password) and the ACS will
> record 3 attempts from the client (the Solaris 10 server). after a
> single attempt (or a valid login with a local password) the 3 fails
> bollixes up the AD login attempts and locks the user out. Am I missing a
> compile option to only attempt a single RADIUS login per authentication
> or do I possible have pam.conf misconfigured. I use sshd-kbdint and
> sshd-password with the same results. Otherwise the system works well.

The module will re-send the request if it doesn't get a response from
the RADIUS server.  Or, if the response is sent from the wrong IP (i.e.
the RADIUS server has multiple IP's).  Or, if the shared secret is

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