It worked fine, thank you.

Is it possible to reject users except when they have a valid NAS-IP-Address?
For example if a user is not member of a group, or if they are only member of 
groups which doesnt contain the NAS-IP-Address?
I found the 'notfound-reject' for request that doesnt contain NAS-IP-Address 
(in my case).


>>/ The problem occurs when I want a group to contain several NAS. How can I 
/>>/ make freeradius accept the login if the NAS-IP-Address from the user, is 
/>>/ one of several listed in a group that a user is member of?
>==> read info about checkval module in radiusd.conf.
>checkval {
>                item-name = NAS-IP-Address
>                check-name = NAS-IP-Address
>                data-type = ipaddr
>* enable the module in section authorize
>and in your radgroupcheck you have to do something like this:
>mysql> select * from radgroupcheck where attribute like 'NAS-IP-Address';
>|/ id | GroupName     | Attribute      | op | Value           |
>|/ 83 | config_common | NAS-IP-Address | += |         |
/>|/ 84 | config_common | NAS-IP-Address | += |         |
>then if your your user will be in group called "config_common"(whatever
>you choose) then checkval module will perform checking base on multiple 
>values found for NAS-IP-Address. Please mind the "op" field especially!

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