Thanks very much Nick,

i will look for all these.

2007/4/26, Nick Owen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

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> Thanks Nick for replaying.
> can you give me exemples of such systems?
If you are looking for a software-based two-factor authentication system: - our commercial server supports radius
and will work with freeradius, out of the box.

If you want open source - you would need to develop a plug-in
connecting WiKID to freeradius.  I think the way to that would be to
use jradius ( and our java network client
We would really appreciate the help.

You can also google up OPIE as well.

For hardware: - Securid
and many others.  Google "two-factor authentication" and you will get
plenty. It is a very competitive space.
or you can run WiKID on a USB drive, if you're ok with that sort of thing.



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At last, two-factor authentication, without the hassle factor
Now open source:
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