shrikant Bhat wrote:
> I dont have the user in Active directory, yet  free radius sends a
> accept packet.

  I did read the debug output, unlike you.  It shows why.  I told you
why.  Stop arguing and read the debug output again, and my responses.

  It's not FreeRADIUS.  You have configured FreeRADIUS to reply with an
Access-Accept if the ntlm_auth module returns OK.  For some reason, the
ntlm_auth is returning OK.  Go find out why that's happening, and fix it.

  Do NOT reply with "but freeradius sends an access accept".  That reply
indicates that you're not reading the messages here.  If you're not
going to read the answers to your questions, I suggest you stop asking
the questions.  You're wasting your time, and ours.

  Alan DeKok.
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