Hello everyone,

FreeRadius 1.0.1 from RHEL 4.

I get the following error (only shown in debug mode) after 1-2 weeks of 
server working fine, without any issues:

rlm_ippool: Searching for an entry for nas/port:
rlm_ippool: No available ip addresses in pool.
   modcall[post-auth]: module "<pool_name>" returns notfound for request 0

The outcome of this error is that the client is not issued any IP 
address (which is a show stopper).

Here is the pool declaration:

        #  IP pool used by ************
        ippool *************** {
                range-start =
                range-stop =
                netmask =
                cache-size = 300
                session-db = ${raddbdir}/ippools/*********-db.ippool
                ip-index = ${raddbdir}/ippools/*********-db.ipindex
                override = no
                maximum-timeout = 86400

The only fix so far was to remove the pool files and recreate them again.

Any thoughts of what could be wrong ?

Many thanks in advance.

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