I currently have a realm defined:

realm liv.ac.uk {
        type            = radius
        authhost        = LOCAL
        accthost        = LOCAL

I now have one of my departments, which for various complex reasons, has been 
allowed to have its own user accounts.
They have the subdomain name "csc.liv.ac.uk". I want to proxy RADIUS to their 

If I add:

realm csc.liv.ac.uk {
        type            = radius
        authhost        = server.csc.liv.ac.uk:1812
        accthost        = server.csc.liv.ac.uk:1813

Is this position dependant? Does it have to appear before the liv.ac.uk realm 
to prevent "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" being caught by the first realm?

I have:

realm suffix {
    format = suffix
    delimiter = "@"

in radius.conf.

Barry Dean
Networks Team
Computing Services Department
Tel: 0151 794 5641 (x45641)

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