Hi list,

I'm new to this list, so maybe I comunicate in an inadequate way my
suggestion/development idea:

We have been using xfreerdp in our school for 3 years with Allwinner A20
chipsets quite succesfully, and it has supposed a great power consuption
decreasement for us. Our main problem is that video acceleration is not
working with that hardware, so playing videos could be a great nightmare ;-)

Recent iniciative from bootlin.com in the mainline kernel effort has made
Allwinner chipsets very interesting for multimedia platforms and software.
We have succesfully tested their in-progress mainline kernel video driver,
and they are also developing a VAAPI/libva backend to be able to be used by
most of the multimedia players. My question is:
Does xfreerdp support VAAPI/libva backend, in order to plug/use this
hardware acceleration with your software?

We are in contact with the developers and included in their mailing list,
so we could collaborate in the development of the plugin/migration.

Thanks for your help,
Miguel Amez
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