On 6/1/06, Dario Freni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Open /etc/gettytab and add the following rows at the bottom:


Assuming 'freesbie' is the user you want to login. Then edit /etc/ttys,
find the ttyv0 line and substitute "Pc" with "freesbie" or whatever
label you putted in gettytab.

ttyv0   "/usr/libexec/getty freesbie"   cons25  on      secure

Then kill -HUP 1 to make changes effective. To make X autostart, I
modified my .cshrc, you can do the same depending on your chosen shell.
I added a row:

[ "$?DISPLAY" = "0"] && [ "$?SSH_CLIENT" = "0" ] && startx

Thanks, it work great... I have discover the al capability of gettytab,  :-)
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