Hello all,

I would like to get a table of the uncorrected p-values to compare with the
corrected ones obtained using mri_glmfit-sim. I tried the following, which
outputs a table of clusters and their vertices, but it does not include
p-values. Is there a flag that I shoudl include to output the p-values?

mri_surfcluster --in sig.mgh --sign abs --subject fsaverage --hemi lh
--surf white --annot aparc --no-adjust --bonferroni 2 --no-fixmni --ocn
cache.uncorr.abs.sig.ocn.mgh --oannot cache.uncorr.abs.sig.ocn.annot
--cwsig cache.uncorr.abs.sig.cluster.mgh --thmin 2.3 --sum


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