I downloaded the archive with Firefox instead of Safari and problem is solved. 
Strangely, the archive downloaded with Safari was not full.


> On 10 Oct 2016, at 16:56, Damien MARIE <damien.ma...@unige.ch> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to install the FreeSurfer 6 beta on my macbook pro (OS X El 
> capitan 10.11.6, XQuartz 2.7.9 installed).
> I allowed applications downloaded from Anywhere in privacy and settings, and 
> disabled csrutil (the System Integrity Protection, a security feature that 
> hobbles some of the capabilities of root since this OS release). No matter 
> what I try,  I cannot decompress the archive.
> Using the terminal and sudo : 
> tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open 
> '/Users/dmarie2/Applications/freesurfer-Darwin-OSX-dev.tar.gz’
> Or by double clicking :
> Unable to expand “freesurfer-Darwin-OSX-dev.tar.gz (Error 1 - Operation not 
> permitted).
> I was wondering if somebody experienced this issue and would eventually have 
> a solution.
> Thank you and best,
> Damien

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