Dear freesufer experts
    I’m learning DTI image process according to steps in  FsTutorial/ Diffusion_DtiIntegration. In Spatial Normalization I need create a .m3z morph file 
through mir_cvs_register. I used command mri_cvs_register --mov subjectname --template cvs_avg35. But it always stop for mris_resample: Command not found. I run freesurfer v5.3.0 in a MacBook Pro. Two log file in cvs folder are attached. Could you give me some advice? Thanks very much.

Best Wishes
Cong Chen

Attachment: con002_to_cvs_avg35.mri_cvs_register.1610182007.log
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Attachment: summary.con002_to_cvs_avg35.mri_cvs_register.1610182007.log
Description: Binary data


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