installation error  error: there is no file Hello FreeSurfer 
Developers, I'm attempting to install freesufer on my computer(linux ubuntu 
14).But there is on file.I can find a  setupfreesurfer.csh 
file on installation directory.I think I should install it using bash rather 
than tcsh.Thank you every much! I've searched the list and no similar errors 
have been reported. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to trouble-shoot this 
one? Also, Ive attached the recon-all.log in case it's of any use.  1) 
FreeSurfer version: freesurfer-Linux-centos6_x86_64-stable-pub-v5.3.0 2) 
Platform: CentOS release 6.7 (Final) 3) uname -a: Linux ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS 4) 
recon-all.log: see attached
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