Hi Mina - The part that takes long is running bedpost. If you run trac-all with 
the -jobs flag, it'll write out a text file with command lines that can be run 
in parallel.

I do have long-term plans for not using bedpost, but that's not going to be 
until the next version release.

Hope this helps,

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Subject: [Freesurfer] TRACULA trac-all speed

I am currently using the last stable version freesurfer 6.0

I gave TRACULA a try on one subject and it took more that 2.5 days to finish 
the steps, with PC specs:

- Processor core i7 4 GHz

- VGA Nvidia GTX 980 with 1500 CUDA cores

- 16 GB RAM

I tried to speed it up (trac-all command) using openmp or use-gpu, but non of 
them worked.

Is there any way to speed the TRACULA processing??
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