Dear Dr. Douge,

I am a little bit confused about creating function ROI in V1.

Basically, I have some localizers that for some ROIs I need to find
activated neurons in a specific contrast in native space and then create
that ROI and map it to my experimental scans and extract their voxel data.

I have used this command for right-FFA:

funcroi-config -seg aparc+aseg.mgz 2007 -analysis eba-fba.native.rh -c
faces-vs-objects -thresh 3 -sign pos -roi
rh.surface.pSTS.faces-vs-objects.thr3.pos.roicfg -force

But now, for V1 I am not sure what should I use.

Is this correct?

funcroi-config -seg aparc+aseg.mgz 400 -analysis eba-fba.native.rh -c
faces-vs-objects -thresh 3 -sign pos -roi
rh.surface.V1.faces-vs-objects.thr3.pos.roicfg -force

I don't see a number in the lookup table for left and right V1.

On the other hand, there are V1 labels in the label folder.

I appreciate your help.

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