Greetings all,

I apologize in advance for what may (or may not) be a basic question. I want to 
map values from a continuous variable (non-integer) to each vertex on a surface 
so that I can visualize these values on the surface (or an inflated brain), but 
I can't figure out how to do this.

I've projected the pial surface of fsaverage5 to native space within a 
volunteer, then exported the xyz coordinates of each vertex (10242 * 2, lh & 
rh) for that volunteer to an .asc file using mris_convert. These xyz 
coordinates (and the vertex #) and a 3D summary volume (NIfTI) for a BOLD scan 
in native space for the subject were read into MATLAB, and I've used a separate 
toolbox in Matlab to generate weights from the BOLD data that map to each 
vertex (a continuous variable, one weight per vertex per subject), and these 
weights can be written to a text file in the following format for each 

x1 y1  z1 weight1

x2 y2 z2 weight2


x10242 y10242 z10242 weight10242


vertex1 weight1

vertex2 weight2


vertex10242 weight10242

or another format if that would be helpful.

How can I map these weights back to a surface and visualize it? Please advise. 
I began to think this fell into the realm of annotation, but it seems that 
annotations are categorial rather than continuous. Thank you so much for your 




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