That's correct, you'd have to run TRACULA on a subject to get those files. 
They're computed from those 33 subjects, but you can't get the info without 
running it unfortunately.

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Thank you very much for getting back on this so promptly, a.y.

If I understand correctly, I think it’s the information in the 
*_fsids_all_0_0_0.txt files from tracula runs on your training subjects, 
trc001-trc033, that would be best to use.

I see the trctrain directory with its contents in my Freesurfer 5.3 
installation and presume that this is all that’s here. Are those .txt files 
readily available somewhere? Or do I need to do my own tracula runs to get them?

Or am I missing something?

I am a total newbie on tracula.

Best – Don

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Hi Donald – TRACULA doesn’t use deterministic ROIs, instead it assigns a 
probability to any ROI to be the one that the specific tract intersects or 
neighbors at a specific position along that tract’s trajectory. These prior 
probabilities are computed from the training subjects that make up the TRACULA 
atlas (where atlas here refers to a set of individuals rather than an average 

For what you’re looking for, find the files: 

There is one file for each tract. The 0_0_0 in the file name means that you’re 
looking at the ROIs that tract goes through (rather than the tract’s left, 
right, etc neighbors - there are other files for those). In each of these 
files, each line corresponds to a different position along the tract. Since 
you’re interested in the endpoints, you want to look at the first and the last 
line. The ID numbers in that file correspond to ROIs as specified in 

Hope this helps,


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Dear List,

I need a list of Freesurfer ROIs which are typical endpoints for each standard 
pathway used in tracula.

I think this information is likely included in the default tracula atlas which 
I have been unable to find although I do not need spatial coordinates but 
rather just the list of ROI names for each pathway.

If this information is contained in publications, I would like to cite them.

I hope this is clear and thank you for any help you can provide.

Best - Don

Don Krieger, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Department of Neurological Surgery

University of Pittsburgh

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