I have a 2 questions regarding properly interpreting results from QDEC. Will 
you please clarify the following for me?

1. What is the difference between stats table generated after correcting for 
multiple comparisons (i.e. monte carlo), vs the stats table generated after 
clicking "find clusters and go to max"? Results from which stats table should 
be reported? After searching on the web, I am still unclear about what exactly 
"find clusters and go to max" button does... and whether these are corrected 
results or not?

2. My understanding is that "CWP" column in stats table represents p-values of 
each cluster. However, when I manually convert values in the "max" column 
(which I assume are freesurfer p-values reported in -log(10)), I get different 
p-values than what are listed in "CWP" column for each cluster. Again, my 
question is whether I should report "CWP" values as my p-values or convert 
manually myself and report those?

I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks so much,


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