Hi FreeSurfer experts,

I would like to use the asegstats2table and the aparcstats2table commands
on my longitudinal data, which have been processing following the
longitudinal pipeline (recon-all -cross, - base and finally -long). And I
have two questions :

1) Am I obliged to do the ''long_stats_slopes --qdec
./qdec/longi_presentacio.qdec.table.dat --stats aseg.stats --meas volume
--do-avg --do-rate --do-pc1 --time months'' command before using the
aseg/aparc commands ?

2) And I would like to know which subjectsID I have to choose for the
command line, example :
asegstats2table --subjects *001_tp1 002_tp1*...etc. (cross)? OR *template_001
template_002*...etc (base)? OR *001_tp1.long.template_001
002_tp1.long.template_002*...etc (long)?
Knowing that it's for a comparison test-retest (microlongitudinal : 1

Thanks you in advance for your precious help,
Best regards,

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