Hi Alessandra

it's really an empirical question. If 1 image has sufficient SNR/CNR, then adding a second doesn't always help (as it induces some blurring due to interpolation). But if your single image is noisy, which it might be at 0.8 iso, then a second will help. You might try it on one or two subjects and see what you think. An alternative, if you are not already getting them, would be a T2-space or FLAIR T2-space, which can help avoid dura and such


On Wed, 7 Mar 2018, Alessandra Macbeth wrote:

Hi there,
I know in the past, it was recommended to acquire 2 T1 scans so that they could 
be averaged for
better SNR, etc. in order to improve cortical thickness and surface area 
measurements. Is this still
the recommendation? We have a few extra minutes in our scanning protocol and 
are debating whether to
include a 2nd T1.

Our parameters are: MPRAGE with .8mm^3 voxel size, slice thickness of .8, FA = 
8 degrees, TR =
2400ms, TE = 2.72ms, TI = 1060ms.


Alessandra Macbeth, M.A.
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