Hi Naka

we have tracked down this problem and should have a patch soon


On Tue, 13 Mar 2018, Naka Beguedou wrote:

> Hello,
> I allow myself to send you this mail in order to have some informations. we 
> have a problem concerning the segmentation of FREESURFER6.0
> Indeed for T1image of one subject, the surface segmentation(figure1) is 
> accurate but there is failure on the cortical segmentation(figure2) of the 
> right hemisphere for the free surfer 6.0.
> For that subject, we relaunched the free surfer6.0 , but still the same 
> problem.
> Here is the command we used to relaunch the free surfer6.0 for that subject:
> recon-all -all -FLAIR FLAIR/FLAIR_585.nii.gz -i T1/T1_585.nii.gz
> -brainstem-structures -3T -contrasurfreg -qcache -subjid SHARE0585_2 -sd
> /scratch/alaurent006/freesurfer_end -FLAIRpial
> What can we do about it?
> Thanks
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