sorry, just seeing this. If you want to use it on launchpad, you can use the secret --pbsubmit flag. Use in the same way as --bg. No need to pbsubmit mri_glmfit-sim, it will do all the pbsubmitting.

On 11/16/17 7:04 PM, Dowling, Kevin Francis wrote:

Dear Freesurfer Experts,

My apologies for what might be a very simple question, but I have been unable to locate an answer in the archives/wiki. Our group is trying to cut down on our mri_glmfit-sim time (as we are hoping to run mri_glmfit-sim -sim mc-full, rather than -sim mc-z). I know that --bg will split up the larger number of simulations into n background jobs, but I also noted the warning that this option is not to be used on the Martinos launchpad computational cluster. As we are hoping to find a way to use launchpad, I was wondering if mri_glmfit-sim is multi-threaded (or can be multi-threaded similar to -parallel flag in recon-all)?

We are currently running Freesurfer 5.3, but can move up to 6.0 if needed. (Our specific command is: mri_glmfit-sim --glmdir $SUBJECTS_DIR/.../glmdir --sim mc-full 2.3 1000 mcfull1000_2.3 --sim-sign abs --cwpvalthresh .05)

Thank you in advance for your help!

Kind regards,


*Kevin F. Dowling *
Clinical Research Coordinator
Brain Genomics Laboratory
Division of Psychiatric Neuroimaging
Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging
Massachusetts General Hospital
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