Dear freesurfers 

my study aims to measure volumetric differences between patients X and 
controls. As dependent variables, I have (i) a-priori ROIs and (ii) global 
brain measures (total gm, total wm and CFS). In the ROIs analysis, I use eTVI 
to control for for head size variability. Now my question is: should I control 
for head size when measuring overall brain atrophy? Theoretically speaking I'm 
not sure . Practically speaking there is a high positive correlation (as 
expected) between global brain measures and eTVI in my sample so I think it 
wouldn't be correct to use eTVI. But still, is global atrophy affected by head 
size? should I control for it? 

Second quick question: I'm planning to replicate the analysis measuring 
thickness differences. Should I control for tot mean thickness then? 

Thanks in advance for your help. 

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