can you send your command line and terminal output?

On 04/11/2018 05:41 AM, Frauke Beyer wrote:
> Dear experts,
> I have an issue with mri_surf2surf (i suspect). I have resampled
> T1-values to the fsaverage template using mri_vol2surf and a --projfrac
> of 0.25 with the default white matter surface. Then I loaded these
> values in Matlab using MRIread, inverted them and saved them back into a
> file using MRIwrite. In Matlab, there were no suspicious data points
> (e.g. the range of R1 values excluded 0, minimum was 0.25). This was
> also true when loading the R1values as an overlay in Freeview. Now I
> wanted to smooth this image using mri_surf2surf with target and source
> subject being identical to fsaverage and fwhm of 10mm.
> exact command was: mri_surf2surf --srcsubject fsaverage --trgsubject
> fsaverage --hemi lh --sval
> /nobackup/aventurin4/data_fbeyer/flica_myelin/flica_inputs/round2/t1maps/lh.t1map.proj0.25.fsavg_inv.mgh
> --tval
> /nobackup/aventurin4/data_fbeyer/flica_myelin/flica_inputs/round2/t1maps/lh.t1map.proj0.25.fsavg_inv_smoothed10mm.mgh
> --fwhm-trg 10
> But now, while it worked fine for some subjects in the 4D file for
> others large areas of 0 emerged in the smoothed file. Those were mostly
> found in inferior temporal/orbitofrontal lobe.
> Does anybody have an idea what could cause this strange behaviour?
> Thank you so much for your help,
> Frauke
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