Dear all,

I have a problem with the command:

I wanted to use the Registration option to add an intermediate volume. The only 
documentation I could find about it was the one that appears with the command: 
"preproc-sess --help"

Registration options
  -init-fsl : use fsl to initialize bbr registration
  -init-spm : use spm to initialize bbr registration (needs matlab)
  -init-header : use geometry to initialize bbr registration
  -bbr-int ifsd istem : use intermediate volume in sess/ifsd/RRR/istem

I used the last flag in my line as follows:

preproc-sess -s session_1 -fsd bold -surface self lhrh -mni305 -fwhm 5 -per-run 
-bbr-int ifsd istem

I got this error:

ERROR: could not determine file for ifsd/001/istem

It seems that the path is not working but I do not why. The relevant paths are 


Any help would be really appreciated!

Thank you all



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