Hi Jen

tksurfer is deprecated and this sounds like an error in your graphics environment. Have you tried using freeview instead? Generating snapshots should be pretty easy

On Thu, 12 Apr 2018, Evans, Jennifer (NIH/NIMH) [F] wrote:





This is a repost as I didn’t get a reply to the one I sent a few weeks ago. 
This error basically means I can’t automatically generate a webpage of all
of the segmentation results.  I getting an error when trying to save a tiff
file using tksurfer on a linux machine via NoMachine v5.0.47.  I’m running
the ENIGMA QA pipeline which has a call similar to:  tkfsurfer bert lh
inflated.  Then, trying to save the tiff either from the GUI or using their
script doesn’t work and causes the error: pixel read error/resource
temporarily unavailable.   Is there a way to get this to work or is this a
feature of using a virtual desktop?






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