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For our project, we are studying tracts that from two deep brain nuclei spread 
to the cortex. Our aim is to find the coordinates of the cortical targets and 
compare them across individuals to assess the variability of these projections.
We used the recon-all command for preprocessing of the T1-weighted anatomical 
scan and for cortical parcellation. We then switched to the program ExploreDTI, 
and we registered the DWI images to the brain.mgz file obtained as output of 
recon-all. We performed brain tractography using ROI masks (from fsl atlases) 
and obtained tracts files (*.mat, can be converted to *.trk, *.vtk, *.wrl) and 
tract masks (*.nii). 
Is it possible to import these tract files in Freesurferview? I would like to 
obtain one image which shows both the cortical parcellation and the tract of 
interest, in order to identify the cortical target based on the labeled model 
obtained from Freesurfer. 
I first loaded the brain volume brain.mgz (converted to *.nii). Then I selected 
“File > Load Tract” (converted to *.trk), but I can only visualize the tract 
separately from the brain volume, meaning that it’s not warped into the 
subject’s brain. 
I attach a picture of what I obtain. 
I wonder whether it is possible to obtain one image as I described above by 
importing tracts not obtained with Freesurfer?

Thanks in advance, 

Samantha Baldi 

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