Hi ,

I am facing an issue when I try to compare two network-based maps, one of
which has been registered on a surface while the other one has not. If
anyone has tried doing something similar and has any thoughts about it
please share your suggestions, I highly appreciate it.

I have two sets of network based maps (both generated from meta-analysis),
one set is ours' and one set is our collaborators'. We want to compare the
two sets of maps. Our collaborators maps are on the surface in freesurfer.
We wanted to project our volume based maps on that surface.

Our collaborators' maps are:

Our maps are:

In order to compare their volume map (SN_like_subcortical.nii) to our
(negative_allsocial_proportion.nii) we just used the MNI152 template from
freesurfer wiki and viewed it in Freeview and it worked fine.

The issue is when we try to project our maps on the surface that they used.
The gave us the template brain (mni152_subject) folder that had been
recon-all already and I just used that with the following steps:

mri_vol2surf --src negative_allsocial_proportion.nii --regheader
mni152_subject --hemi lh --o ./neg_allsocial_lh.nii --projfrac 0.5

To view it:

tksurfer mni152_subject lh inflated -overlay ./neg_allsocial_lh.nii
-overlay SN_like_cortical_lh.nii.gz -fthresh 0.5

When I view it, our map doesn't show up on the surface and that is because
our map didn't register with --regheader. I checked the registration by
tkregisterfv --mov negative_allsocial_proportion.nii --reg register.lta

The registration is definitely off, we used bbregister to register our maps
on the mni152_subject but that didn't work either.

Does anyone has thoughts about this?

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