Dear experts,

a question was raised whether it is possible to automatically segment anterior 
and posterior commissures. Do you think that it is achievable with reasonable 
accuracy, using in-vivo data of 0.7 mm3 resolution?

I was thinking what would be the best way:
a) Is it possible to customize Hippocampal subfields segmentation framework to 
achieve this goal?

b) I considered the most straightforward option to extend current 
RB_all_2016-05-10.vc700.gca atlas to include also labels of anterior and 
posterior commisure. However, this would need to have labeled source subjects 
for this atlas. Is it publicly available? If yes, do you think that it makes 
sense to do it this way?

c) In case of source subjects for RB_all_2016-05-10.vc700.gca are not 
available, then there would be option to create the atlas from scratch. Does it 
make sense to do it like following:
Take let's say 10 representative subjects, run them through recon-all, take 
their aseg.mgz, manually label their commissures (only, other stuff in aseg.mgz 
leave as is) and run on relabeled aseg.mgz? This (in 
contrast to do the manual labeling of whole brain) seems doable to me. I do not 
know how the resolution of subjects constituting RB_all_2016-05-10.vc700.gca 
was, so maybe doing labeling on our 0.7mm3 subjects could lead to even more 
accurate results, than option b)? Could you please comment on?


Antonin Skoch

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