Hello all,

I am performing DTI analysis and wanted to know if Freesurfer has a tool
for non-rigid registration.
I performed recon-all and dt_recon on my subject and then used the
register.dat file that was generated by dt_recon to convert the dt_recon
output files back into the space of my orig.nii file from the recon-all
output. Now I need to register the files in the orig.nii space back onto
the T1 MRI that is in native space.

I have tried using  mri_vol2vol to get the files in the orig.nii
(recon-all) space into the T1 native space without using a registration
file (I used --regheader) and now the registration matrix of my file is the
same as the native space, but when I use rview to visualize the
registration there are flaws. I've also tried this co-registration using
tkregister2 to create a registration file called register.native.dat, and
then used mri_vol2vol with register.native.dat; and the results were the
same as when I used mri_vol2vol with --regheader.

Is there a tool to do actual manual registration in Freesurfer? Using
tkregister2 I cannot perform localized changes; and the global changes it
is capable of do not improve on the coregistration.

Here is a breakdown of what I have done:

subject in Native space to Freesurfer conformed space using recon-all,
output: orig.nii
subject in Native space to other Freesurfer space using dt_recon, output:
lowb.nii and register.dat
>From the other Freesufer space to Freesurfer conformed space using
register.dat, output: lowb2orig.nii
attempting to convert from Freesurfer conformed space to Native space:
                  using mri_vol2vol and --regheader --> poor registration
                  using tkregister2 to make register.native.dat, then
mri_vol2vol and         register.native.dat --> poor registration

I am running Freesurfer version 6 on Windows.

Thanks in advance!
-Hedyeh Javaheri
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