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 Dear Doug,

Special appreciation for your help. Actually, I have created the annotation 
and the color table files and finally I have divided the parcels. Also, I 
checked the primary and the division parcels on the .pial surface that they 
were correct. But as I bring them from surface to volume using 
mri_aparc2aseg (as mentioned in the email, Subject: How to Create Cortex 
Parcellation Using "mri_aparc2aseg"?) it fail. I mean that the parcels are 
not placed where they should be there. In other word, I expect it when a 
primary region had been divided to for example two other regions finally, 
the two regions with each other form the primary region with the same shape 
and position in the brain cortex. But, it does not happen!!! All newly 
resulted regions are in the brain cortex and seem well in total but they do 
not placed correctly based on primary regions and have movement and region 
shape deformation when put them beside each other to have a one region as 
one of the primaries. So that I doubt about the freesurfer commands that 
basically are used for adults, while I use neonate images. I am really 
confused, I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Best Regards,
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