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Hello Freesurfer,

I am trying to run a surface based paired ttest for pet. I started by
running mri_vol2surf for each pet longitudinal subject. However, when i use
mri_concat with --f, --prune, and --paired-diff i get an error
" --paired-xxx specified but there are an odd number of frames". I have 4
subjects, 3 has 3 timepoints and 1 has 2 timepoints (total of 11 frames).
Below are my commands and full errors.

How do I solve this problem?


*COMMANDS* mri_vol2surf --mov
$in_dir/${session}.gtmpvc.output/mgx.ctxgm.nii.gz --reg
$in_dir/${session}.gtmpvc.output/aux/bbpet2anat.lta --hemi lh --projfrac
0.5 \
 --o $in_dir/lh.mgx.ctxgm.${session}.fsaverage.sm00.nii.gz --cortex
--trgsubject fsaverage

{ echo $in_dir/lh.mgx.ctxgm.${session}.fsaverage.sm00.nii.gz; } >> $lhmgxctx

#concatenate the surface pets
mri_concat --f "$lhmgxctxgm" --o
${results_dir}/all.lh.mgx.ctxgm.fsaverage.sm00.nii.gz --prune --paired-diff

session=subject_basline.long.baseid (e.g. 001_baseline.long.001,
001_12mon.long.001 etc)

lhmgxctx = text file containing the pet volumes mapped to the surface for
each timepoints. (e.g.

+ mri_concat --f Analysis/lh_hemi_ctxgm.txt --o
Analysis/results/all.lh.mgx.ctxgm.fsaverage.sm00.nii.gz --prune
ninputs = 11
Checking inputs
nframestot = 11
ERROR: --paired-xxx specified but there are an odd number of frames
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