That scales the coordinates and will have no effect on the file size. 
Try mris_decimate instead. Note that the version 6 mris_decimate is not 
deterministic. I've put a deterministic one here

On 9/4/19 2:49 PM, wrote:
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> Hello,
> I normally use mris_convert --combinesurfs for generating STL files from the 
> lh.pial and rh.pial. When running Freesurfer on my local computer, there are 
> no problems with this approach and everything is perfect.
> However, the lh.pial and rh.pial files I get when running Freesurfer through 
> fMRIPrep are much larger (about 3-4x bigger than the ones I get locally). 
> This makes the STL file I get through mris_convert also much larger. The file 
> size is too big for me to use.
> I discovered that mris_convert has a scale option using -s. I tried putting 
> -s 0.1, expecting the file size to be reduced 90%. But no matter how little I 
> set the scale to be, the file size is only reduced 1 to 2%. Does anyone know 
> how to properly reduce the STL size using mris_convert? I would really like 
> to avoid having to install a third party software to do this.
> Thanks a lot!
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