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Dear Freesurfer experts,
Right now I am trying to use Freesurfer 5.1.0. But the software showed ERROR 
“Invalid FreeSurfer license key found in license file”.
We tried to apply license online, however, the license provided online is now 
for 6.0.0 version and it seems not applicable for 5.1.0 since I still got the 
same error message as before.
May I ask how to get the licnese of 5.1.0?
The tricky part is the format of lecense now I get from Fresssurfer is 
different from the old one in Freesurfer 5.1.
New License I get(call license.txt):


43508 *CRBDdLNbgmws FSOkaDD5AxOQk

Old License(call .license):


PS: I tried to use `dos2unix` to transfer the license to unix format, but it 
seems no help.

Thanks for your help!

Best Regards,
An Lijun
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