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Hi FreeSurfer folks,

I searched through the archives and was unable to find the answer I was looking 
for.  I have recently run recon-all on all our subjects (55 participants 
separated into two groups), then went through and corrected, saved and re-ran 
recon-all using the following command “recon-all -autorecon2-cp -autorecon3 
-subjid Subj_020”.

I neglected to add one additional command, the -qcache command for the second 
round of recon-all’s which I have already run for all participants.

Because I am going to be comparing the two groups and doing group analysis what 
is the most appropriate way to proceed?  Should I re-run the participants again 
although this time with the -qcache command? Or, what would be the most logical 
and efficient next step?

Thanks for the help,
Clayton Swanson MS
Graduate Research Assistant & PhD Student
Sensorimotor Neuroimaging Laboratory
Colorado State University
Office: (970) 491-6160

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